Welcome to the main research Oncology.

The main research Oncology is an initiative which should bundle up the activities of the oncological supplying and searching groups in the University Medical Center Rostock (UMR). The aim is to structure the oncology as one of three main focuses of the UMR with lasting effect and to promote therefore the care and research.

At the moment there are involved more than 21 medical centres and institutes of the UMR in this process. In the area of the research the main research Oncology co-operates with different institutions of the university of Rostock, with various research institutes (e.g. Max Planck institute of demography, to the Leibniz's institute of catalysis) as well as biotechnology companies.

In the area of the clinical care the patient's care should be optimised about the structuring initiative. On this occasion, it is worked closely with the available certificated "oncological centre" (OZ) as well as institutions of the care, self-help and relatives. The transition of the OZ and the different research activities into a Comprehensive Cancer centre (CCC) is initiated.